The Ministry of Public Works, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, started its work this morning in the process of setting concrete barriers on the outlets of the new isolation areas, which include Hawalli, Khaitan, Al Farawaniyah and Hawalli Square to start the procedures of the total ban starting next Sunday.


Al-Qabas reportred that the security equipment at the entrances and exits of the regions, as security sources reported the presence of instructions received by the security directorates from the security leaders on intensifying inspection procedures for food trucks, refrigerators, and transport trucks, and to prevent workers who did not have exit permits from moving out of those areas.

The sources said that in the Hawalli area, concrete barriers were placed on all ports overlooking the Fourth Ring Road, Fahaheel Road, the Maghreb Highway, the Third Ring Road, and the Cairo Road. As for the Farwaniya area, its entrances and exits have been closed from Ghazali Road, the Sixth Ring Road, Airport Road and Jordan Street.

And Khaitan,  the sources pointed to work to close the entrances overlooking the airport road and King Faisal Road. Attempts to escape Regarding the existence of cases of escape from the regions, the sources stated that the issue of escape is not easy due to the presence of a total ban on the state, while some companies tried to remove their workers, but after scrutiny it became clear that there were no permits allowing exit to practice work abroad and legal measures were taken against them.