Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Civil Services Affairs d. Fatima Al-Najjar from coordinating with the Ministry of Interior to allow civil medical sector employees to leave and enter the restricted areas with work IDs.

Al-Najjar explained that coordination will be done by allowing civil sector employees working in centers, dispensaries, clinics and medical laboratories to go out and enter the restricted areas with work IDs that carry the name of the civil institution, provided that they are allowed to do so until 6 pm at the time of the partial ban.

She pointed out that the permits of hospital personnel extend beyond the hours of the partial embargo in line with the work system therein, and appreciated the aspects of coordination that took place with the Ministry of Interior in this regard.

Al-Najjar stressed that the Ministry is keen to work to provide all facilities to the medical staff so that it can perform its lofty mission in a way that serves the health and safety of auditors and provide the best medical care for them