The Ministry of Trade and Industry announced the addition of 14 new items at reduced prices to the materials listed in the ration card, without adding a cost to the value of the support provided by the state, as of next month.

The ministry said, in a press statement today, Saturday, that the decision bearing No. 106 of 2020 aims to reduce the cost to the consumer and increase the commodity supply stock by adding these items.

The statement pointed out that the decision aims to encourage suppliers to increase imports, building resolution 371 of 2020 on adding foodstuffs to the ration card at reduced prices, and based on what is required by the public interest to include chicken, meat, zabidi, and hamour with frozen shrimp, infant formula, and tea within the ration card for citizens at a low price without Support. It is mentioned that, prior to this decision, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry disposed of 171 items through the ration card materials.