The Ministry of Trade and Industry announced that it monitored 64 associations, central markets, shops and pharmacies during its inspection tours and 80 catering branches to ensure the smooth flow of sales and delivery of foodstuffs to their beneficiaries, and to determine the extent of their commitment and to maintain the stability of product prices.

Trade said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) today, Sunday, that its inspection teams’ rounds continue to work amid the decisions in effect regarding the relevant procedures to face the repercussions of the spread of Corona virus infection, which causes Covid-19 disease.

They stated that her emergency center had received 130 complaints via the hotline (135), stressing the need to adhere to the application of the law because of the exceptional circumstance that the country is going through and that it and its inspection teams will be lookout for everyone who is asked to take advantage of the current circumstance