With the launch of the partial ban in the country, Kuwait International Airport continued to operate its flights, amid intensified regulatory and precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus. And still the operations of the expeditions of communities wishing to leave the country are continuing, as well as trips violators of residence and freight, where the airport witnessed yesterday 13 flights carrying 2478 passengers, while the number of freight trips reached 12 trips to transport goods and imported goods. The number of flights to Cairo reached 6, followed by 4 flights to India, and 3 flights to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Philippines.

A source told that the logistical operations did not stop at the airport since the announcement of the total ban in the country, as circulars were issued allowing residents who wish to travel to pass through security points, explaining that this situation continues after the launch of the partial ban in the country, as all technical and administrative teams are on standby. Willingness to operate any new flight

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5777094