The Ministry of Endowments started yesterday to sterilize the mosques in the capital governorate in coordination with the Ministry of Defense, which provided nearly 60 divisions to sterilize the homes of God in preparation for the return of their opening to the worshipers after applying all the controls and requirements approved by the health authorities.

An official source in the “Endowments” confirmed that the mosque sector instructed imams and muezzins to isolate all of the Qur’ans in warehouses, as electronic Qur’ans will be used in mobile applications as a substitute for them. The source explained to Al-Qabas that mosques will need about two weeks to open their doors, where it was decided to open them five minutes before the call to prayer, and that all prayers will be held 5 minutes after the call to prayer, and they will be closed ten minutes after the end of the prayer, with an emphasis on non-crowding and preventing docking at the exit. The source pointed out that the spacing will be in the range of two meters, and will specify a “stop” for the worshipers to stand when performing the prayer, and behind each row will be a third empty row. Ablution home

The source pointed out that ablution will be in the house with the sterilization of hands, bring the special carpet and take it to the house again after the end of the prayer, in addition to all worshipers wearing masks. He pointed out that the elderly and those who feel symptoms there is a fatwa issued recently that it is permissible not to attend the prayer, and who prays while he is sick is sinning for the possibility of spreading the infection among the worshipers. Initially, it will be prohibited to take those under 15 years of age to mosques, as well as prevent shaking hands between worshipers even if they wear gloves, in addition to not gathering inside the mosque before and after the prayer.

The sources stated that the “Endowments” would address the concerned authorities to provide some volunteers to organize a mechanism to examine the worshipers ostensibly, and would coordinate with its “health” counterpart to examine imams, muezzins and mattresses before opening mosques, and provide sterilizers inside the platforms and put health instructions in the entrances and exits of the country’s mosques.