The Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Saud Al-Harbi, the continuation of plans aimed at completing the current academic year and not ending it at the present time, stressing the existence of continuous coordination with the health authorities in the country, saying: “We will not venture into the health and safety of our student children, and in return we will not venture to affect negatively on their academic future.”

Al-Harbi said, in a meeting on Kuwait TV, yesterday, that “all options are on the table, and this means that the option to complete the academic year is on the table, and the option to postpone it is on the table, and the option to end it is on the table. The whole world, not Kuwait, “pointing out that” education “has set specific plans and dates since the beginning of the crisis.

He added that one of the easiest decisions is to end the scholastic year, but we opted to study things carefully and accurately so that we achieve the interests of our student children and do no one unfair, and here I would like to assure students that they will rejoice and all decisions will be in their interest, even students who have failed in more than one subject will be given an opportunity To improve their conditions and achieve success.A crime against the right to education

Al-Harbi emphasized that if the school year had ended in March or April, according to the data, we would have committed a disaster and a crime against the right to education in Kuwait.

Al-Harbi pointed out that “education” works according to two tracks: The first is to prepare for distance education by launching an electronic learning platform that will be ready in mid-June, and begin broadcasting lessons to high school students, and then the rest of the other stages and classes will be attached.

He continued: The other path is to prepare for a return to traditional education in August and October, if the health authorities allow this, and added, “After the government announces the five stages of returning to normal life, we will discuss this matter with officials in the Ministry of Health, and the dates for the return of studies to the class may change.” The twelfth according to the new data. “

Comprehensive report

He stated that he will submit a comprehensive and detailed report on the status of education and the academic year next July 15 to the Council of Ministers, where this report will be discussed and determine possible options in the light of it, stressing that there is currently no intention to announce the end of the school year, although this may be possible in later stages. .

He pointed out that the option to finish the study at the present time will expose many students to injustice, as there are 15 thousand home students who do not have degrees for the first semester, and they did not provide tests at all, and there are also a large number of students who have medical excuses and do not have degrees for the first semester, and there are students whose proportions Within the limits of 70% or less, and these people have the right to provide an opportunity for them to adjust their proportions, and all these opportunities will be lost upon the announcement of the end of the academic year, and this is what drives us to wait for the fairness of such groups of students, and in the end we are keen on the interest of our children.

Private schools

With regard to private schools, Al-Harbi stressed that the Ministry has issued binding decisions for private schools not to claim any tuition fees unless after the end of the academic year for students, whether through traditional education or online, and the delivery of certificates, and any school that does not meet this condition does not have the demand for fees, pointing out that The Ministry will consider providing technical support to some Arab schools that are not eligible to launch distance education, to allow students to have an education because we feel our responsibility for all students in all educational systems in the country.

On the admission ratios in Kuwait University and the colleges of applied education and training, he stressed that there is no intention to raise the admission rates currently, and we are committed to accepting the largest number of high school graduates who meet the conditions and controls, and there are meetings for Kuwait University and the Council of Private Universities to discuss these matters, and all of Conditions apply to them in the first semester and the rest in the second semester.

Al-Harbi concluded by saying: “I am optimistic, and I am grateful to my male and female students that they will rejoice soon, and all efforts and decisions that will be taken will be in your interest, and we will not allow your academic future to be lost.”Make the right decision

The minister said that there are some who are rumored that we are subject to pressure not to end the school year, and I say that this is not true, and I have the free will and educational experience to make the right decision, and our decisions are discussed with the Cabinet