The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) announced the start of a ban tomorrow on working outdoors in open areas during the noon hours from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. daily until the end of August.

The General Director of the authority, Ahmed Al-Mousa, said in a press statement today, Sunday, that the inspection teams in the commission will follow up on the implementation of the decision over a period of three months, and they will launch sudden inspection campaigns on the work sites to monitor any violations, register them and take legal measures against violators.

Al-Mousa pointed out that the decision aims to protect labor from the extreme heat of the weather during this period, pointing out that working in these areas during this period of the year is difficult due to harsh climatic conditions, according to which it is difficult to perform work in normal working hours.

He explained that the implementation of the decision to prohibit work at these times is aimed at organizing the work and not reducing working hours, and care is taken to ensure that the projects in progress are not affected.

He pointed out that the implementation of this decision during the past years has received the approval and acceptance of many companies in many sectors, in addition to that it took into account the public interest and is consistent with Kuwait’s obligations to implement international labor standards in the afternoon.

He revealed that the implementation of the decision means the commitment of employers to ensure the health and safety of all their workers as well as ensuring that the labor law controls and regulations and the decisions regulating it are met.