The Ministry of Health confirmed that it had completed 6 field hospitals during the “Corona Covid 19” pandemic crisis, with a clinical capacity of 5,603 beds.

The ministry said in an awareness video published by it that the achievement of these hospitals was aimed at providing intensive medical care for people with “Covid 19”.

They explained that they provided 22 hotels and resorts as quarantines for citizens as an institutional stone with a clinical capacity of 6,351 beds, especially for returnees from abroad within the evacuation plan who do not have enough space in their homes for the stone, or who suffer from simple symptoms.

The Ministry of Health indicated that it has also established 4 centers to house migrant workers from overcrowded buildings who do not suffer from the symptoms of the virus, and with a clinical capacity of 7904 beds, indicating that it provided 7 quarantines for residents infected with “Corona” as an institutional quarantine for them, and who suffer It is a simple symptom of 7895 beds.