WASHINGTON, June 1 – Recent statistics show that the death toll from the spread of the Corona virus – Covid 19, has reached nearly 1.83 million cases in the United States, while it has exceeded 500,000 in Brazil.
Statistics published by the American Johns Hopkins University index indicated that the United States recorded nearly 20 new cases of coronavirus in addition to 600 deaths on Sunday.

She explained that the total outcome of the pandemic in the United States rose to 1.79 million cases, including about 104 thousand deaths, after recording about 19788 new cases of the virus in various US states.
Four states recorded more than 100,000 confirmed infections with the corona virus, but New York remained the hardest hit, with more than 370,000 cases, including nearly 30,000 deaths.

In Brazil, corona virus infections exceeded 500,000 on Sunday, ranking second in the world in the number of cases.
Brazil recorded 16,409 new cases during the past 24 hours, bringing the total toll of the pandemic to 51,4849 cases.
About 480 new deaths were reported, according to the CNN, quoting the Brazilian Health Ministry, bringing the total number of victims to 29,314 dead.
Statistics (Johns Hopkins University) indicate that Brazil ranks fourth in the world in a number of coronavirus-related death