Alrai Reported that The fish market in Sharq witnessed, on the morning of the first day of June, a crowd after the municipality decision to open it eager to buy the local fish from which connoisseurs were deprived of it due to the ban imposed by the Council of Ministers to limit the spread of the Corona virus and the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, except that the wishes of buyers Disappointed after continued closure; They found the doors closed

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Director of the East Mishaal Al-Shiha market about the reasons for the closure; Where he stressed that the Sharq Fish Market will open next Wednesday, in coordination with the concerned authorities to set up a mechanism for entering customers through pre-reservation «barcode» and to give an opportunity for local parcels to fish and provide the local fish to the consumer.
Sheiha indicated that the decision to open the market arrived late Sunday, at the time when there was no ready plan to open the market, especially that entry to it will be by prior reservation system (barcode) in addition to the need to coordinate with the Kuwait Municipality, the Ministry of Trade, the General Food Authority, the General Authority for Agriculture and the Ministry of Interior To organize the entry process in accordance with the health requirements set by the Council of Ministers, which requires setting up a mechanism to prevent crowding, whether inside or outside the market, and it will become clear after the meeting that will be held before noon today with those authorities.

On the other hand, the president of the Kuwaiti Federation of Fishermen, Zahir Al-Soyan assured to “Al-Rai” that the Kuwaiti market is thirsty for the local fish and that the decision of the General Authority for Agriculture to prevent fishing for Al-Zubaidi for 45 days and the delay in allowing field fishing to the first of next July are essential factors in depriving consumers of tasting two items Two essentials on the Kuwaiti table, as well as creating frustration among the fishermen who will not be able to fish the forbidden Zubaidi and Maid, as well as preventing their exit to economic waters by order of the Ministry of Interior, which deprives the Kuwaiti market of the availability of the local fish.
Al-Suwaiyan demanded the Public Authority for Agriculture, and in light of the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through and the ban imposed on it to allow fishing for Al-Zubaidi, as well as allowing the hunting of the field from the beginning of the current month, which is the usual time for hunting the field, which the authority postponed its date from two years to coincide with the blessed month of Ramadan. This excuse and the issuance of the decision to allow the fishing of the med has become a necessity for the Kuwaiti market and table need for its existence