MADRID, June 1 – The Spanish Ministry of Health announced today, Monday, that it had recorded 71 new cases of the new virus (Corona – Covid 19) during the past 24 hours, while no new deaths were announced for the first time last March.
The ministry said on its official website that 35 new deaths were recorded in the last seven days, but a new “zero cases” in the last 24 hours, so that the official death toll stood at 27,127 cases, while the total number of injuries diagnosed with the polymerase chain reaction (PCC) analysis technique increased. R) to 239638 cases.

She explained that the capital Madrid recorded the largest number of injuries with 68,852, followed by the region (Catalonia) with 59,019 injuries and then the region (Castilla Leon) with 18,907 injuries and (Castilla and Leon) with 17,259 injuries while (Ceuta) and (Melilla) recorded the lowest number of injuries with 164 and 121, respectively. The capital also recorded the largest number of deaths with 8,691 deaths, followed by the region (Catalonia) with 5587 deaths and the region (Castilla la Mancha) with 2945 deaths, while the cities of (Ceuta) and (Melilla) recorded the lowest number of deaths with two cases in each.

Spain continues to reduce isolation restrictions within a four-stage gradual plan, where 70 percent of citizens live as of Monday in the framework of (the second phase) and 30 percent of them (in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and some other cities) live in the framework of (first stage), while some islands have started (The third stage) and the last.
It is expected that the Spanish government will ask Parliament to extend the state of emergency for 15 days for the sixth and last time to continue fighting the virus, and accordingly it will continue until June 21 before returning to “the new normal life,” in the words of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.