KUWAIT, June 1 – Turkey said on Monday that it had recorded 827 new infections with the “Corona Coroner – Covid 19” virus, while 23 new deaths were recorded in the virus.

The Turkish (Anadolu News Agency) quoted Turkish Health Minister Fakhruddin Kuja as saying in a press statement that 827 cases of Corona virus were recorded, bringing the total number to 164769 cases.
He added that his country also recorded the recovery of 974 cases today, bringing the total number of injured people who left the hospitals after their recovery to 128,947 injured.

He pointed out that 23 deaths were recorded with the Corona virus, bringing the number of deaths to 4,563, while 651 patients are in intensive care units, including 283 injured who use respirators.
He pointed out that medical laboratories conducted 31525 analyzes to detect the virus today, bringing the number of analyzes conducted since the (Corona) spread in Turkey to more than 2,070 million analyzes.