Local newspaper Alqabas reported that Abdullah Al Mubarak Cooperative Society announced today, Tuesday, that 22 employees were infected with the Corona virus.

“Since the beginning of the current crisis, we have spared no effort to take the necessary preventive measures that will preserve the safety of shareholders and the people of the region,” the association said in a statement.

“In this regard, we report to you in terms of transparency and credibility regarding the results of the random examination of workers in the association, that after conducting 100 surveys for workers In coordination with the Ministry of Health, it was found that there were 22 confirmed cases of the emerging corona virus, in addition to returning some smears to ensure the results are correct for other employees.

They added that, in light of the results, a letter was sent to the Ministry of Social Affairs clarifying the number of injuries that exist through the random survey of 100 employees. We hope the Ministry of Health to move immediately in allocating a day for all employees and members of the board of directors of the association to conduct an examination (smear) to ensure that the total injuries are counted. They emphasized that the branches continue to close for further notice, and the board of directors will make its effort to conduct an examination of the association’s employees in coordination with the Ministry of Health as soon as possible.

source: https://alqabas.com/article/5777460