The Technical Services Directorate of the National Guard, in cooperation with the Medical Services Directorate and the Ministry of Health, was able to produce innovative cabins with Kuwaiti hands to protect the medical staff and examined persons while taking the medical swab of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

The National Guard said in a statement yesterday that these cabins are the first of their kind in Kuwait, where they were designed and provided with technical capabilities to protect both parties, the affiliate subject to taking a swab and examiner from the medical staff with the highest safety standards.

He added that the innovative cabins had entered service in the liberation camp in the health center for examining those suspected of having the Corona virus. He praised the Kuwaiti technical cadres in the branch of light workshops that managed to manufacture the cabins in a period not exceeding 72 hours, noting that it consisted of a glass plate to protect the medical staff and a place dedicated to laying the swab and another to get rid of waste.

He said that after the results of the examination appear, the case is recorded, and if the result is positive, the epidemiological investigation teams begin to count the contacts and subject them to the examination.