he Ministry of Health issued a circular on May 31 for hospitals and health centers that includes updating the mechanism for dealing with suspected cases of infection with the new Corona virus and stipulates that only smears should be made for unstable cases that require hospitalization only.

This circular, which has entered into compliance since yesterday, will significantly reduce the number of daily smears, since the vast majority of those suspected of being infected are in a stable condition and do not require hospitalization, and therefore it is expected that the number of daily smears will decrease by up to 80% ؜ after excluding stable cases and the decision states To be required from this group suspected of having corona due to the presence of symptoms such as high temperature, coughing or other respiratory symptoms or contacts, and their condition does not require admission to the hospital to quit themselves in the house in order to not be a reason for the transmission of infection and that without making a smear.

The new circular also provided for the abolition of exit scans for people infected with the virus, as it was previously approved to take two scans after 14 days of infection, and the surveys were required to be negative in order to ensure the patient’s recovery, while the new circular provided for retention of 10 days to improve Symptoms in order to ensure recovery from the disease without the need to make a smear after improvement, which raises the numbers of similar persons to recover daily

Source : https://www.alanba.com.kw/ar/kuwait-news/health/971759/02-06-2020