he Ministry of Trade and Industry revealed that the total of electronic shopping reservations yesterday recorded 46,950 appointments through a reservation system in cooperative societies, parallel markets, catering branches, and vegetable and fish markets, where 27,686 people attended.

The «Trade» said in a statement that the cooperative societies recorded 29,284 bookings with a attendance of 15,832, or 54%, and the total reservation of dates for parallel markets reached 23,981 booked with a attendance of 8,054, representing 34%.

She pointed out that the reservation of catering branches amounted to 7,652, with a attendance of 3,152, or 41 percent, while the fish and vegetables markets recorded 4,033 reservations, with a attendance of 648, representing 16 percent.

(Trade) indicated that it had received 102 calls through the 135 hotline and 8 complaints through the control centers located in the governorates.

The Ministry indicated in a press statement yesterday that the inspection teams, through their regular rounds, conducted checks and checks on 134 cooperative societies, a parallel market and vegetables baskets to determine their commitment to regulations and standards.

She pointed out that the inspection teams edited 13 minutes of seizure of a number of violating shops and closed 4 commercial stores that were proven to exceed the decisions, regulations and precautionary decisions related to fighting the Corona virus.

She stated that she monitored 79 catering branches to facilitate the sale process and monitor the progress of receiving foodstuffs to those who are entitled to them, in addition to which 40 transactions were received to issue and renew the ration card

Source : Alrai