The local arabic newspaper alrai reported that The Prime Minister, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, affirmed that the next challenge is to reverse the demographic makeup, so it will be 70 percent for Kuwaitis and 30 percent for non-Kuwaitis.

In his meeting with the editors-in-chief of local newspapers, Al-Khaled added that the financial situation in the country is excellent, but the economic situation needs to be adjusted to the significant imbalance in the structure of the economy.

Al-Khaled explained that it is required that “we deal as a government with what appeared on the surface of secretions such as demographics and manifestations and suspicions of corruption and that we be a digital government.”

And the immortal added: “The industrial wheel has been moved to provide a portion of our needs that we import from abroad,” noting that “we now have eight factories that produce masks and we have 15 factories that produce sterilizers.”

He stressed that “relying on one depleted resource that does not control its details is very difficult, and for this it is necessary to restructure the economy and diversify the sources of income.”
Al-Khaled added that he is “committed to my Lord and to His Highness and to the people with what His Highness the Prince has entrusted to me from the first day, which is protecting public money and fighting corruption.”
He said: “Our financial solvency is excellent, and we acknowledge that there is a slow pace in the economic structure.”

Al-Khaled stressed that “salaries were never late for workers or those in their homes and will not be delayed … but we need to diversify our income sources.”
Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled said that the crisis is not measured by money… as long as there is no cure for the Corona epidemic, we do not know the extent of this crisis .. Yes, we are working to reduce economic damage but public health is also important, and we do not want to open the country in a way that exposes our health institutions to the inability to absorb The injured ».
He pointed out that «in education, our first priority is the health of children, then educational attainment, then available opportunities, and not losing them.
He continued, “Our responsibility now is to create the conditions for the next government in our dealings today with the files of demographics, corruption and the dysfunctional economic situation.”

And the immortal said: Our young men and women are able today to take over tasks in all professions. Our ancestors carried out all professions .. all professions .. How long will this imbalance persist in the demographics? Today we need a change in lifestyle … and they have seen the children of Kuwait today. They want to settle and how they can help in all work … This is what we count on in the future. ”

Al-Khaled added: “I met Mahathir Muhammad, the last of which was last October, and nothing was soon or distant from the role of a Kuwaiti in the Malaysian fund … as well as the Malaysian Foreign Minister. ».
He continued: Kuwait is creative in ideas … initiative and creative, and there are other countries that have benefited from our studies that were put in the drawers.

The Gulf Crisis,
Al-Khaled said, “I am sure that all the Gulf states believe that the march of the Gulf Cooperation Council states is important for them and for the region and the world, and that is what we must build on and take the common ground to start to bridge the gap.”
“Unfortunately, we are now in the fourth year of the Gulf dispute, but the efforts are still continuing and hopes are greater than they used to be. We were making one step and returning two steps, but now if we take one step, then another step.”
Al-Khaled continued, “I affirm the concern of His Highness, the Amir of the country, that the State of Kuwait will always be the one that brings together the various parties on the basis of achieving all the reassurance of any future agreement, God willing.”

Residence trade
“We referred 24 companies to the prosecution based on information in violation of the laws and trafficking in employment that benefited from it financially, which led to burdening the state with significant burdens, which further complicated the health crisis,” Al-Khaled said, noting that “we are responsible for everyone who is on this land and the residency trade has exhausted the state and services with all institutions Especially in light of dealing with the current situation, if it had been treated since previous periods, the crisis would not have become more complicated, ”noting,” I fully believe in the principle of reward and punishment in dealing with issues of residency trad