Once again, the “Corona” virus re-targeted the central markets and cooperative branches, leaving behind dozens of injuries and some deaths among the employees and workers of the societies during the past week. During the past period, the new virus did not stop attacking about 35 “cooperatives” distributed in all regions of the country, but rather continued In the penetration of new fortifications of food security, and the attacking of some of the societies in which it has appeared previously, but this time it is more widespread and in greater numbers.

And 8 cooperative societies announced that they recorded dozens of injuries and 3 deaths as a result of “Covid-19” disease among the employees and workers, including the Farwaniya Cooperative Society, which recorded 10 new infections with the virus after conducting laboratory surveys on 50 employees and workers, in addition to the registration of the Peace Cooperative Society infected with the virus One of the volunteers, noting to close the central market, last Wednesday, to take the necessary preventive measures from sterilizing and cleaning the market. As for Al-Ardiya Association, it announced the death of its treasury department worker, as a result of his infection with “Corona”.

22 injuries

And the Abdullah Al-Mubarak Cooperative Society announced the discovery of 22 cases of the virus after conducting 100 laboratory scans among its employees, asking the Ministry of Health to set aside a day to examine all workers and members of the Board of Directors to determine their condition and ensure that they were not infected with “Corona”, and the Cooperative Society of Cordoba announced that an employee has Al-Adailiya cooperative called a market official, segment (2), who passed away due to infection with the emerging virus.

The death of an employee

Al-Omariya Cooperative Society announced the death of one of its employees, in addition to confirming the injury of 3 others and a member of the Board of Directors, in addition to the isolation of 36 workers on suspicion of having “Corona”, and the association closed the central market, last Monday, until all workers were examined, while Khaitan Association announced The cooperative confirmed the injury of 32 employees out of 90, and took a laboratory smear from them, and closed all branches, last Monday, except for the central market for sterilization

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