The Ministry of Health issued an explanation of what was circulated about stopping the screening procedure and restricting it to only those infected with the new Corona virus, without examining contacts and investigating and monitoring, saying that all the procedures that you take are based on tracking developments and procedures followed globally, and checking the latest developments in the mechanism of dealing with The Corona pandemic of newborn, as recommended by the World Health Organization, and other official health organizations considered globally.

The ministry said in a statement that it has recently been issued many statements, from people who are not competent, and are not scientifically qualified to talk about epidemics and ways to deal with them, and what they touched upon was talking about the numbers of smears for the Corona pandemic, claiming that it stopped all kinds of smears in Dealing with the pandemic, and confining it only to people with the virus and those who have symptoms of the disease.

They added that the process of conducting a screening scan (PCR) to diagnose the virus takes place through two paths, which are not medically correct, preventive, or administratively interfering between them, indicating that the first track includes examining the injured people who have symptoms of the disease, and it is important to diagnose it and know if Corona or other illness.

They emphasized that these cases are examined in hospital accident departments, as a specialized medical team has been devoted to examining cases, diagnosing them and following them up with treatment.

The Health Authority stated that the second track includes contact examination and community examination for monitoring and investigation, and for people who did not show any symptoms, but they had contact with an infected person and it is possible to transmit infection to them because of it, or that they are among the community samples for monitoring and investigation.

They indicated that the concerned authority to follow up these categories and conduct smears for them is “public health” and not accident sections in hospitals, and it has its arrangements and procedures, through which it performs its job duties to fully perform the tasks assigned to it, while maintaining the highest levels of prevention and protection for those who conduct Checks them.

They explained that, since hospitals are considered medical from the areas where the chances of transmission of various types increase, it is not correct medical, preventive, or administrative to mobilize and accumulate people who do not show any pathological symptoms in hospitals, just to take a swab for them, which leads to exposing them to the possibility of catching the image Bigger because they’re in the hospital.

The Ministry revealed that this category had a special course for dealing and testing that follows the public health completely separate from the pathway for those who showed symptoms of the disease and were assigned to them in hospitals.

They stressed that the two types of examination, whether diagnosing the injured, or checking in contact with the investigation and monitoring, is continuing according to what was planned by the competent authorities to carry out these tests, and none of them was stopped, but it was stressed on the necessity of completely separating the examination paths, and neither of them overlapping on The other one never