The municipality confirmed the continuation of its efforts in inspecting the stores to ensure the implementation of health and preventive measures in order to ensure the safety of citizens and residents, and that its supervisory bodies revealed during last May 13304 stores, editing 1045 violations, and issuing 2720 warnings. It indicated that it had lifted 304 neglected cars and scrap cars, washed and sterilized 497050 containers, lifted 32 boxes that violated fundraising, seized 36 street vendors, in addition to issuing 68 engineering licenses, 204 supervisory termination certificates, revoking 14 licenses, and issuing 91 electric current delivery certificates.

The supervisory teams in the six municipalities of the six governorates during their inspection tours of the stores the day before yesterday, to ensure their implementation of health and precautionary requirements, issued 22 violations and issued 78 warnings, while the different cleaning departments sterilized 13430 containers.

The teams in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate municipality launched an inspection tour that included stores that carry out permitted activities in the Qurain and Sabah Al-Salem Markets regions, to ensure the extent of compliance with health and preventive requirements, and to alert restaurants and groceries to adhere to the delivery service only. On the other hand, the General Cleaning and Road Works Department in the Jahra Municipality branch sterilized all the central markets in the governorate from abroad and the vegetable market.

The inspectors have conducted tours to ensure that the containers are washed and sterilized as a precaution and preventive measure to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, in addition to raising 2750 cubic meters of unknown source wast