The National Guard announced the handover of Al-Nuzha Cooperative Society more than two weeks after its affiliates provided cooperative services to the residents of the region.

The Associate for Financial Affairs and Resource Management, Brigadier-General Riyad Tawari, stressed that the leadership of the National Guard has directed, since the beginning of the health crisis, to harness all the capabilities and capabilities of the National Guard to serve the ministries and various state agencies.

Al-Nuzha Cooperative Society, after the work was stopped as a result of infection of some workers with the Corona virus, indicating that the National Guard cadres made good efforts in operating them, armed with the high national spirit and experiences gained from the courses and training programs that are held regularly throughout the training season to hone their skills in various fields, He pointed out that more than 4 thousand orders were completed, including 3884 equipment for vehicles and delivery to homes, and 587 equipment for vehicles and delivery to parking.

The Associate for Financial Affairs and Resource Management thanked the people of the Nozha region for their cooperation and understanding of the circumstances and emergency situations experienced by cooperative societies and all state agencies, appreciating the efforts made by the work teams of administrators and affiliates and their keenness to ensure the flow of food and basic commodities to the residents of the region with ease and ease.