Jazeera Airways Chairman Marwan Boudi said that the Corona pandemic was a major storm that affected the aviation sector in particular before any other sectors, as the first was affected by this epidemic and the last will be an economic departure from it.

In an interview with Arab CNBC, he pointed out that the most difficult stage of the Corona pandemic had been passed, “where we were looking at China and what companies did in this field,” noting that “Jazeera Airways” had moved since last February and had hedged, giving up 37 From its crew and operational capacity, due to the stoppage of a large number of aircraft, stressing that the company’s cash stock from the profits of previous years will help it withstand for 27 months.

He pointed out that the island has a cash reserve of up to 100 million dollars, indicating that this level is considered one of the highest in the world, given the size of our aircraft and the number of employees.
He stated that the demand for travel began to recover again, expecting that the island will begin in July next with 30 percent of its capacity, and will rise from 5 to 7 percent per month.

Boodai said that the next stage will be different in travel, as the procedures will change from adherence to health procedures and sterilization, and registration procedures will turn into electronic starting from the airport, which is recommended by the World Aviation Organization (IATA).
He indicated that the meals during the next three to four months will not be as they were before, as they will be in closed and closed bags, and that the flight crew will continue to wear protective gear for their safety and the safety of travelers, indicating that these measures will gradually return to normal.

He explained that «Jazeera Airways» never stopped flying one way (from Kuwait) as it stood by the government in the process of evacuating citizens from different countries of the world, as it transported more than a third of Kuwaitis from abroad, and it also supported in the evictions of residents and all That was one way.
While Boodai expects the return of two-way flights in July, but with travel caveats and health requirements, he indicated that many countries are beginning to reduce the number of days of quarantine, and some may limit themselves to medical examination only.

He stated that what Kuwait is heading to, based on the health recommendations that will be issued next July, is to provide a medical examination for Kuwaitis and expatriates traveling to Kuwait, and accordingly it decides whether the person needs an institutional quarantine or not.

He indicated that there is an additional cost on airlines due to the operation was not the same as before, as Jazeera Airways was operating its planes 14 hours a day, but it is expected to return to operation by about 4 to 5 hours only. There is a second major factor in the issue of aviation which is fuel and is now sharply low and this will help reduce the price of the ticket.
He stated that «Jazeera Airways» is working to provide travel with the best value for travelers, and «we hope that the rises are not sharp and if they will not last for a long time». He pointed out that the destinations that can be directed by are determined by the authorities of those countries, and there are some airports that have already opened their doors, such as the Emirates, Qatar and Turkey also in the next month, pointing out that other countries in the Middle East will follow suit, as the countries of the Indian continent there is coordination with them to open starting From next month.