Kuwait ranks at 21 among the safest countries worldwide for Covid-19, according to a comprehensive report released this week.

The Deep Knowledge Group, a group of commercial and non-profit organisations, has produced a 250-page dossier in which it assesses and ranks 100 countries according to their response to the corona pandemic.

Kuwait stands at 21 despite the many measures taken swiftly during the first signs of Covid 19 is the country, neighboring Saudi Arabia ranks number 15 on the list, followed by Bahrain at 23 and Oman at 33.

Various factors have been taken into account in the report, including quarantine and government efficiency, as well as monitoring, detection and health preparedness.

Switzerland and Germany are the first and second safest countries respectively, the report claims, particularly in light of their economic resilience.

Singapore, Japan, Austria, China and Australia are among the other top-rated countries.

The United States, which currently has the highest death toll from the virus, ranks number 58 behind Romania and ahead of Russia. The United Kingdom, which has the second-highest death toll currently, is only 68.

The highest-risk regions are Sub-Saharan Africa and South America, while Cambodia, Laos and the Bahamas are rated as the three most dangerous countries respectively for Covid-19.