Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that In the context of the intensive efforts to face the Corona crisis, the Ministry of Health is keen to end all obstacles hindering the arrival of doctors and nurses affiliated with it, whose entry to the country has been stalled due to the closure of the airport, and they are currently present in some countries.

Sources told Al-Qabas that the Ministry has received 682 doctors, nurses and technicians, all of whom are of Indian nationality, who have valid residency, and they were on periodic leave, as 322 of them arrived Thursday, 62 Friday, and 289 yesterday.

According to the sources, all the arrivals underwent tests and found that 3 Indian nurses were injured in Corona on Thursday and were isolated, while the rest were transferred to their assigned residence in the city of Jaber Al-Ahmad. The sources pointed out that the arrival of these numbers and other countries will contribute to supporting the ministry’s efforts to confront the Corona pandemic, and they will be distributed according to the needs of health facilities, as well as providing excellent care to the general population infected with the virus. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health has completed the project of the Fintas Health Center for Preparation for its inauguration.

Well-informed sources said that a meeting was held between Minister Dr. Basil Al-Sabah and Undersecretary Dr. Mustafa Reda with officials in Al-Ahmadi Health Zone yesterday to discuss the conditions in its facilities. The sources added to Al-Qabas that the new center will receive citizens only, while the old center will be adjacent to the cooperative for reviewing residents, noting that it includes specialized clinics in the field of internal diseases, surgery, eyes, nose, ear and throat. The sources indicated that it includes clinics for urology, maternity care and a pharmacy, as well as clinics for blood diseases, diabetes, glands, joints, and other health care services, stressing the importance of opening this center to serve the residents of Fintas, after work began in November 2017. In another context, I mentioned The sources said that the ministry closed 3 primary care centers in Al-Ahmadi area a while ago, which are Al-Masayel, Al-Adan and Al-Wafrah Al-Qadim, due to the transfer of a large number of doctors to the health quarries that were inaugurated during the Corona crisis, explaining the conversion of its auditors to centers in neighboring regions. Stone coming 14 days Health sources said that all Indian doctors and nurses who have returned to the country during the past days have been subjected to quarantine in their homes, with a warning that they will not be in contact for 14 days, which is the specified period of “World Health”. New batches arrive from Egypt and the Philippines Volume 0%   According to informed sources, there are new batches of doctors, nurses and technicians who will return to the country in the coming days from Egypt and the Philippines, where they were on periodic leave before their entry into the country due to the closure of airports, where the “Health” began to end all their procedures.