The Australian Ministry of Agriculture has changed its decision to ban sheep exports to Kuwait, to allow again except for the Kuwaiti ship’s journey to ship approximately 56,000 sheep to the country, valued at $ 12 million.

The Ministry had refused to grant “Rural Export and Trading (RETWA)”, the Australian arm of the Kuwaiti importer, an exception to export sheep to the country during the summer period, which coincides with the date of the start of the export ban, which was activated in the beginning of June, with the aim of protecting livestock from exposure to heat. High and death.
According to the Australian site “ABC News”, the Ministry of Agriculture will allow the shipment of some sheep in the ship, after agreeing to a second request submitted by the Australian company exporting.

The ministry stated that this request included details of an alternative approach to managing the sheep shipping journey, including providing care for them, while the site stated that the exemption includes strict measures to protect the health and welfare of sheep, including unloading in only one port and not unloading livestock in an area on the ship known It is hotter because of its proximity to the engine room site.
“ABC News” stated that a cargo ship, “Cattle”, is scheduled to leave Australia next Wednesday, indicating that it will not be able to carry all of the 56,000 sheep due to weight restrictions.

He stated that instead, approximately 50 will be chosen. A, according to its ability to withstand heat, with a veterinarian on the export trip, while the future of the remaining sheep remains unclear.
In a public statement explaining the reasons, Australian Deputy Minister of Agriculture David Hazelhurst said that when considering granting exemption, the Ministry considered that the global epidemic to which countries were subjected was an exceptional circumstance and that the restrictions that had been adopted to treat the Corona virus were unprecedented.

For his part, General Manager of (RETWA), Mike Gordon, explained that the issue of providing ventilation for sheep and making sure that they can withstand heat has been reviewed with expert advice, pointing out that there are appropriate risk management practices and plans to ensure the health and well-being of sheep during the flight

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