After waiting for more than two months, the first batch of suspended Nepalese workers arrived in Kuwait, where two charter planes belonging to Jazeera Airways landed on the airports of the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Tribhuvan last Thursday, carrying more than 300 men and women, most of whom were domestic workers.

According to the Nepalese newspaper, The Himalyan Times, employers and the Kuwaiti government have borne the airline tickets for Nepalese. The Nepalese government recently announced its plan to return its nationals stranded in various regions of the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “We have brought back the Nepalese workers who took advantage of the ‘Leave safely’ timeout and we have given priority to returning the workers first,” Nepalese Ambassador to Kuwait Durga Bhandari told Nepal’s The Kathmandu post. Bhandari added: The two Nepalese flights working as maids in Kuwait were transported, and 157 passengers traveled on the first flight, and the second 149, pointing out that all passengers underwent medical checks at the airport before boarding their flights, and they all received a medical examination report.

According to the repatriation schedule revealed by the Nepalese government, 67 flights will be operated in the first stage to evacuate the stranded Nepalis in Kuwait and various countries, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has finalized a list of 14,148 Nepalese stranded in foreign lands and need to return to the homeland immediately . Media reports stated that the Nepalese residence violators who benefited from the “leave safely” period guaranteed Kuwait with their travel tickets, while those who lost their jobs or completed their contract were funded by their companies, adding “while those who are on the priority list who face financial problems will be Dealing with ticket problems, and others who want to go home at their own cost will have to pay for the ticket