The third and final batch of health professionals from India, who numbered 289, arrived between a doctor, a nurse, and a technician. Medical examinations were carried out for them and they were transferred to the city of Jaber Al-Ahmad. 

The total of the three batches of health personnel who arrived in the country from the stranded in India became 651, all of whom showed negative tests, except for 3 nurses who were confirmed to be infected with Corona virus and precautionary measures were taken with them and their quarantine.

The evacuation of outstanding health personnel in India comes on the instructions of the Minister of Health Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, Undersecretary Dr. Mustafa Reda and Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Affairs Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi and Assistant Undersecretary for Planning, Quality and Support Services Dr. Muhammad Al-Khashti, and Assistant Undersecretary for Services Affairs M. Abdulaziz Al-Tashah .

They were received by the director of the Nursing Services Department, Sanaa Taqadom, the Director of the General Services Department, Mohsen Al-Rashidi, and the ENT consultant, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rashidi, the nursing, public relations and media groups, and the head of the Kuwaiti Nursing Society, Bandar Al-Anazi.