The Ministry of Justice has announced a gradual return to work in the Ministry starting next Sunday in accordance with the phases outlined by the decision of the Council of Ministers in this regard, with the need to adhere to health requirements and procedures and adhere to the controls.

The ministry’s spokesman, Issa Al-Bisher, said in a press statement today, Monday, that the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Counselor Dr. Fahd Al-Afasy, issued a Ministerial Decree No. 1039 of 2020 mandating sectors and departments of the Ministry to return to work.

Humans explained that the staff time will be alternately among them, and at a rate that does not exceed in the first stage more than 30 percent of the total number of employees within each organizational unit in one building, provided that the number of employees increases according to the percentages shown at each stage. He stated that, according to the decision, it is permissible in the case of necessity to increase the number of employees in any of the sectors upon the request of the head of the sector addressed to the undersecretary to obtain the approval of the Civil Service Bureau and the competent health authorities. And that the heads of the sectors should name the employees assigned to work and replace them during this period according to the need and requirements of work within each sector or department, and some employees may be assigned to continue to work without replacement if the need arises for that provided that the number of employees per day does not exceed the aforementioned percentage and the occupants of the jobs Supervision is permanently assigned.

He pointed out that, according to the ministerial decision, those with one of the chronic or serious diseases, those with severe or moderate disabilities, or a pregnant woman, or those who have reduced working hours or those over the age of 55 years must submit to the Ministry what is useful for that to consider exempting them from work during that period. Humans said that the official working period will be during the gradual work days from eight thirty in the morning until one o’clock in the afternoon, and stopping the work in the fingerprint system will continue, and proof of attendance and leaving by signing the statements prepared for that within each organizational unit. He explained that the Ministry of Justice will start receiving auditors and providing services to clients of the facility, taking into account the organization of the personal review process for those dealing with the facility and providing services. He pointed out that the Ministry has taken all measures to return to work during the partial and comprehensive prohibition periods, the work environment has been effectively created and health safety requirements and preventive measures have been met from using the available means of communication to respond to the auditors ’inquiries. He pointed out that after the expiry of the two-week period, the auditors will be received personally when necessary, in cases only where the completion of the transaction requires a personal review. The people indicated that each party will organize the method and method of obtaining the date of the personal review while adhering to the preventive and precautionary measures decided by the health authorities.

He stated that the reception of auditors will be in the halls designated for that purpose only, and it is strictly forbidden to receive or tour the auditors inside the work centers and offices in the government agency building. Ministry of Justice Sk back to work You may also likeSpread

source: kuna