The Cabinet approved, during its meeting yesterday, two guides prepared by its General Secretariat, to reopen the activities of the second and third phases of the plan to return to normalcy within the framework of the country’s fight against the Corona epidemic, as well as allowing it to return to training sports activities while adhering to health requirements and deadlines set for their practice in accordance with For the scheduled stages.

During the meeting, the Minister of Health explained the developments of the health situation due to the spread of the pandemic, noting that the rate of cure cases of the virus exceeded 75 percent, compared to the increase in infections in some non-isolated areas.

In the context, the Council reviewed the latest therapeutic and preventive developments, as well as logistical services related to the efforts to combat the epidemic, reviewing the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee for the Corona Emergency.

And they decided to instruct the General Authority for Manpower, in coordination with the ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, and Finance, to determine the value of the cost required for each expatriate worker whose contracts expired and the violators of residency evacuated from the shelters, while obliging business owners to pay the value of travel tickets for that labor. The Council was informed of the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the return of members of diplomatic missions accredited to the State of Kuwait and their families stranded abroad and wishing to return to the country.

In turn, the Civil Service Bureau issued a circular yesterday regarding the executive procedures for setting the provisions of the manual for policies, procedures and rules for the gradual return of work approved by the Council of Ministers, pointing out that working under the guide requires each government agency to take the implementation procedures separately.

In the circular that he published on there account in the “Instagram” of these agencies, the Cabinet specified several directives, taking into account the nature of the activity and the competence of each authority and adherence to health instructions and precautionary measures.

They stressed the necessity of preparing weekly schedules for workers, whether at the workplace or remotely or by the recycling system and without recycling, and not to allow those who were exempted to attend the workplace, specifying the working hours according to the needs of each party, and not to violate the maximum limit for workers as specified in the guide.

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