Local Arabic news paper Alqabas reported that The Council of Ministers held its weekly meeting this afternoon through video communication chaired by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, Prime Minister. The Cabinet again called on all citizens and residents to adhere to the health requirements to achieve the criteria and indicators for moving to the second stage of the plan for the gradual return to normal life until the epidemic is contained and eliminated.

The Minister of Health explained to the Council the developments of the health situation in the country as a result of the spread of the virus from the statistics related to the numbers of cases of injuries, recovery and death in various governorates of Kuwait, where it was found that the number of healing cases increased by more than 75% compared to the increase in cases of infection in some non-isolated areas.

The Council followed up on the latest developments in the treatment, preventive and logistical services related to the efforts to combat the spread of the new Corona virus, reviewed the recommendations submitted by the Ministerial Committee for the Corona Emergency, and the Cabinet decided the following: – Adoption of the two guides for the guidelines for reopening the activities of each of the second and third stages of the gradual return plan for normal life presented and prepared by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers – Agreeing to return to practicing training only for sports activities, while adhering to health requirements and deadlines for the practice of activities, according to the stages of the plan for a gradual return to normal life.

The Council also decided to assign the Public Authority for Housing Welfare in coordination with each of the concerned authorities to quickly take the necessary measures to implement the solutions (urgent, interim, and permanent) to address the problem of traffic congestion in the southern location of the ministries complex building located in the Mirqab area.

Informing the Council of any obstacles that may hinder the progress of the traffic planning re-planning project in that area. He also decided to entrust the General Authority for Manpower in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Finance to determine the value of the cost required for each expatriate worker whose contracts ended and violators of the residency law who were evacuated from the shelters with the commitment of employers to pay the value of travel tickets for that labor.

The Council was informed of the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the return of members of diplomatic missions accredited to Kuwait and their families stranded abroad and wishing to return to the country. The first stage of the stages of gradual return to normal life in the country started from May 31 to June 20, and saw the reopening of mosques and the establishment of prayers inside them, as well as the opening of economic activities, the opening of gas stations and public service stores, and the return of work within banks by 25%.

The second phase It starts from June 21 until July 12 and witnesses this stage the opening of parks , the return of work within banks, as well as the opening of banks and government departments of all kinds and the return of employment there, but with a rate of less than 30%. third level It starts on July 13 to August 4 2020, and witnesses the opening of hotels and resorts, the increase in the number of employees in government departments to about 50% of the total number, and the return of taxi work.

   The fourth stage Beginning on August 5 until August 26, you will witness the re-opening of restaurants and the provision of service from within the restaurant, as well as the return of the work of public transport in various areas of Kuwait,

The fifth stage The fifth and final editor It starts on August 27 until September 18, and witnesses the return of theaters, cinemas and sports clubs, and allowing all social events to take place.  It is noteworthy that the criteria that are followed in the transition from one stage to another are the measure of transmission and reproductive number, in addition to the stability of the injury numbers, a sufficient period, the percentage of family occupancy in intensive care, the percentage of hospital occupancy in the hospital, and the low percentage of injured from daily wipes

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5780191