The Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported thatThe Credit Bank is preparing to return to the official working hours at the main headquarters and branches, as part of the Cabinet’s plan to gradually return to normal life.

The bank’s spokesperson, Habari Al-Khashti, said in a press statement that “the preparations in the bank are taking place in full swing, to provide all necessary preventive and precautionary measures to resume work in the next stage, in accordance with the decisions and circulars issued in this regard, related to confronting the Corona pandemic,” confirming the full readiness of this The step.

They pointed out that the return to work will be less than 30 percent of the employees, adding that the working hours are from 9:30 am to 1 pm, without receiving the citizens in the first stage of returning to work.

They stressed the full commitment to the manual for policies and procedures and rules for the gradual return of work issued by the Civil Service Bureau, which includes mechanisms for the gradual return and dealing with the facility and auditors, public safety requirements, health requirements and precautionary and preventive measures, confirming the bank’s continued provision of all its services to clients electronically.

Al-Khashti added: “Receiving citizens will be limited to cases that require personal attendance, and through a pre-reservation system, and with obtaining a number for review before coming to the branches, according to the principle of physical distance, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the decisions of the Council of Ministers.”

They stated that receiving this category of citizens from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, taking into account all the necessary health requirements and measures, announcing the continuation of “credit” in providing services to citizens electronically, through the bank’s electronic portal or the bank’s phone application.

No reception in the first stage of returning to work and continuing to provide services electronically.