KUWAIT, June 17 – China announced today, Wednesday, that it had not recorded any new deaths from the “Corona Coroner – Covid 19” virus, while 44 cases were confirmed during the past 24 hours.

This brings the total number of injuries on the Chinese mainland to 83,265, while the total death toll stands at 4,634, the Xinhua news agency quoted the National Health Committee as saying.

They added that 33 cases of infection were recorded locally, including 31 cases in the capital, Beijing, one case in Hebei Province in the north of the country, and one case in Zhejiang Province, east China, while no cases were recorded in (Hubei) Province, with its capital Wuhan Virus outbreak.
She said she had recorded 11 “incoming” cases from abroad for travelers coming to China, including 10 in the central (Gansu) Province and one in southwestern Sichuan Province, bringing the total number of cases from abroad to 1,856.

They explained that two people left the hospitals during the past 24 hours after they recovered, bringing the total number of people recovered since the virus appeared and spread until now to 78,379 people.
The committee indicated that 252 people are still receiving treatment and 4,683 people under medical observation after contact with Corona-positive patients, of whom 116 were discharged from medical surveillance