Local Arabic news Paper Alrai Reported that While the Ministry of Health is considering allowing private sector laboratories to participate in conducting the corona virus test, provided that the laboratories meet the technical specifications, well-informed sources revealed that these laboratories, when approved by the ministry, will be able to obtain a “PCR” certificate for travelers, with a return Air traffic to normal between countries.

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Health addressed the institutions of the private sector in this regard, to determine the extent of readiness and to meet the technical specifications to provide this type of services, noting that the ministry is awaiting the benefit of private laboratories.

They stressed that there are strict conditions and criteria for the participation permit, in parallel with ensuring that the technical specifications are met.

Among the most prominent of these requirements is that the laboratory be accredited and licensed by the Ministry as a laboratory for viruses, with the inspection committees making sure of the various requirements and other required specifications, which are the same requirements for public health laboratories, in preparation for its approval as a laboratory authorized to conduct a corona examination.

The sources indicated that the laboratory authorized to conduct a corona examination is licensed as a virus laboratory, pointing to the possibility of modifying some of the other laboratories of their conditions after fulfilling all the requirements and technical specifications to amend their conditions to permit changing their license and accrediting them as approved laboratory and completing the procedures and specifications required for their approval as also an authorized laboratory By conducting a corona examination.

They also confirmed that no laboratory in the private sector has been approved yet to conduct the examination, indicating that the Ministry is in the process of determining the value of fees set for this type of examination, and confirming that its prices have not yet been determined.
The sources said that with the return of air traffic to normal between the countries of the world, many of these countries will require travelers and students studying abroad to submit the result of the PCR test, noting that these laboratories will be authorized according to their approval by the Ministry of Health to issue such a certificate.

In another context, the sources indicated that the Ministry of Health is studying coordination and cooperation with the laboratories of the oil and military hospitals, to conduct a test of the “Covid 19” virus, noting that the laboratories in them will be linked to the database in the Ministry of Health, with regard to these types of tests.

The sources also referred to the request of the Ministry of Health to establish public health laboratories and headquarters for the Preventive Health Unit in air and land outlets, and the approval of the Council of Ministers earlier in the context of precautionary and proactive measures, in anticipation of dealing with future conditions similar to the Corona pandemic, confirming that the establishment of such Entities at the airport and land ports and providing them with specialized medical personnel, would create a specific mechanism for dealing with arrivals to the country in the event of similar epidemics, and at the same time relieve pressure on public health laboratories