Informed security sources reported the launch of the service of transferring temporary residences (Article 14) to the rest of the other residency materials through the official website of the Ministry of Interior “Online”, which allows those who hold an extension until August 31 to return to their previous residencies and renew them.

The sources told that about 350 thousand residents have been registered in the temporary residency item for months, and they have not been able, during the past periods, to convert their temporary residency to work residency in the private sector or government sector or join the family or other residency materials, due to the closure of departments Residence affairs in the six governorates due to the Corona virus epidemic, and the failure to activate that “online” service that was launched today (Wednesday) following great efforts made by the General Administration of Information Systems in cooperation and coordination with the General Administration of Residence Affairs in order to broadcast a distinguished technical service that contains all information and data and is difficult to penetrate Or messing around with it.

Sponsors and employers can transfer their employees/dependents to their regular residency prior to stamping temporary residency after providing the necessary conditions for each type of residency through online services on the official website of the Ministry of Interior

The sources added that registered residents according to Article 14 temporary residency cannot leave the country and retain their residences, which hindered those wishing to travel to leave the country because, once the registered person has left according to Article 14, his residency will drop directly, noting that the launch of the temporary residency transfer service allows them to return to Their old stays preceding their registration directly to the temporary residence clause, at which time they are entitled to travel and keep their stays valid in the country. The sources pointed out that, before activating the service, the electronic system did not provide the service of transferring temporary residency (extensions) to any other type of residency, which required the review of the Department of Residency Affairs to transfer the person from temporary residence to the same type of residence that preceded obtaining residency Temporary.