KUNA – The Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society distributed today 1000 food baskets and 1,000 milk cartons to workers in Sabhan, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior. Khaled Al-Zaid, Director of Public Relations and Information at the society, told Kuwait News Agency on the sidelines of the distribution that the association continues to distribute food baskets out of its humanitarian role in filling the need of the category of workers and assisting them and relieving them in light of the crisis of the new Corona (Covid 19).

Al-Zaid added that the choice of places for distribution came according to the data provided by the concerned authorities on the need for large numbers of workers in the Sabhan area for assistance. He stated that the association continues to provide food baskets to workers in their areas of support in order to support all efforts to combat (Corona). He pointed out that the association is making a variety of efforts, including the distribution of hot meals, food baskets, hygiene tools, medical devices and other necessary needs in hospitals, health quarantines, places of employment and families in need to enhance the state’s efforts to combat the virus.

Al-Zaid called on the private sector, the people of goodness in Kuwait and the owners of white hands to donate, help and support to meet the various needs of those in need throughout the country. He praised the efforts and great activity of the volunteers despite the heat of the weather, expressing his pride in their distinguished group, which devotes its time and effort for free in order to delight the members of society and help the weak

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5780809