Arabic news paper Aljrida reported that coinciding with the Ministry of Education announcing the launch of its distance learning platform for government school students, which launched its first phase of starting teacher registration and activating their accounts as of last Monday 15th of September, the second phase began yesterday with the launch of training workshops for teachers and instructors remotely, which lasts 4 days, to come After that, the third stage begins by registering and activating the accounts of the twelfth grade students, from the 21st to the 23rd of this month, after which the virtual classes for the educational platform will be launched.

8,000 teachers

In this context, the “newspaper” learned from its sources that the ministry has set in its plan to run the platform a teacher for every 50 students in each virtual class that the platform will occupy, where the names and numbers of male and female teachers in secondary schools who will join the platform have been identified, indicating that the principals and principals of secondary schools have During the past few days, I extracted accounts for the heads of the departments working in their schools, who will in turn enter the platform and extract the accounts for each teacher they have, so that the teacher can use the platform and teach students through it.

The sources said that the number of twelfth grade students in each secondary school does not exceed 200 students, and therefore the number of teachers required to teach remotely does not exceed 4 teachers for each subject in the school, pointing out that the number of academic subjects scheduled in the schedule specified for the dates of the default classes It is 13 subjects for the scientific and literary sections, so that the total teachers in each school are about 52 teachers, which makes the total teachers required for all secondary schools, which are estimated at 160 government high schools, about 8 thousand volunteer teachers.

They pointed out that the number of teachers who volunteered to work increased during the past few days to contribute to distance teaching, pointing out that the percentage of volunteer teachers who expressed their approval in most schools approached 50 percent of the total school teachers.

Follow-up schools

The sources indicated that, according to the plan, the headmaster is responsible for following up the department heads, who in turn will follow the performance of their teachers during the operation of the platform and display the virtual classes, as they will have the powers of monitoring and follow-up, assessment of lessons and the extent of the interaction of teachers through their electronic accounts, explaining that each school administration is responsible for following Performance of teachers and students alike, and reporting to the school district on the progress of the distance learning process.

They stated that the scheduled classes are 3 lessons per day from Sunday to Thursday, at 45 minutes per session, with a break between lessons for 15 minutes. The lessons start at 9 am and the last session ends at 11.45 minutes, with a total of two academic hours and a quarter of an hour each day. My studies.

They explained that the current stage of operating the platform will be optional for students, which may weaken student participation in the platform, especially as it is not binding for the student to continue his studies, as students are scheduled to return to their academic seats on August 9 if things settle down, and health authorities have permitted this, Pointing out that the number of twelfth grade students is about 38 thousand students.

The sources pointed out that the ministry has a plan to develop the work of the educational platform in the future, where work is being done to prepare training courses to include all educational cadres, including teachers, department heads and mentors at various stages of education, to prepare them to work on the platform and learn about all its details and how to teach remotely, and take advantage of technology in Scientific educational service, indicating that these courses and training workshops are expected to be launched during the next academic year, in order to convert the educational platform into a permanent educational means and performance to benefit from it at all times.Two schools in each region to provide devices for teachers and students

Some school districts have designated two schools; One for boys and another for girls, to be the headquarters for teachers and students who want to operate the distance education platform from the school, where tools, devices and internet networks were provided to ensure speed and safety of operation, especially that some teachers may not have the appropriate tools and devices to operate the platform