Kuwait – June 18 (KUNA) – – Al-Adan Hospital, affiliated to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, achieved a successful procedure for the first case of external lung (ICMO) for children in the State of Kuwait to treat an eight-year-old girl who was in critical condition due to her infection with the coronavirus. (Covid-19).

The director of Al-Ahmadi Health Region, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shatti told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) today that this condition is considered anecdotal, as there are a limited number of children in the world with (Covid-19) who have received treatment through the (ICMO) technique successfully.
Al-Shatti added that the operation was carried out by the head of the intensive care unit in Al-Adan Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Shamsah, and the (ICMO) team from the anesthesia and intensive care unit for adults in the same hospital, expressing his pride in the national cadres that have achieved this achievement efficiently, competently and with high coordination amid the great support for the (ICMO) project Since its beginnings from the Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Hammoud Al-Sabah, and the Deputy Minister, Dr. Mustafa Reda.

Al-Shatti explained that the service (Ikmo) for adults has been in intensive care since 2017, as this technique and service were used for an eight-year-old girl who was suffering from acute lung inflammation and acute respiratory distress syndrome as a result of her illness (Covid-19).
He explained that the child had suffered a severe drop in the circulatory and respiratory circuits, which necessitated its placement on the artificial lung device and was successfully recovered and continued in a critical condition for a period of two weeks in intensive care until the lung recovered significantly and the external artificial lung device (ICMO) was lifted from the girl and then transferred to care The children’s center in Al-Adan Hospital to complete its treatment, and the ventilator was also successfully removed from it and is currently in stable condition.

He pointed out that the child’s treatment was supervised by a joint team of intensive care physicians for adults specializing in the service (ICMO) in Al-Adan Hospital headed by the head of the department, Dr. Hoda Al-Foudary, and the head of the intensive care unit, Dr. Mohamed Shamsah, and pediatric intensive care physicians in the hospital headed by Dr. Salman Al Tawala. The girl also has an integrated team of physiotherapists and nutritionists in addition to a nursing team specializing in (ICMO).
He stressed the Ministry of Health’s endeavor to expand the provision of the service (ICMO) to include sick children and premature infants who suffer from acute respiratory failure, which cannot be cured by traditional methods, and this type of treatment will give a new opportunity to life for many patients of critical conditions in intensive care in All hospitals in the State of Kuwait.