The Corona virus has killed at least 445,213 people worldwide since its appearance in China in December, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse according to official sources at 19:00 GMT Wednesday.

More than 8,269,170 cases have been officially registered in 196 countries and regions since the outbreak began. At least 3,785,500 people have recovered.

The numbers only reflect part of the actual number of injuries, as many countries only carry out tests for the most serious cases, while other countries give priority to conducting tests to track those who suffer with the injured, and a number of poor countries have limited screening capabilities.

Since the census conducted the previous day at 19:00 GMT, 6,809 new deaths and 174,309 additional infections have been recorded around the world. The countries with the largest number of new deaths are India, with 2,003 new deaths, Brazil (1,282) and Mexico (730).
The United States, which recorded its first death at Covid-19 in early February, is the country worst affected by the number of deaths and injuries, with 117,290 deaths out of 2,148,357 injuries. At least 583,503 people have recovered.
After the United States, the countries most affected by the epidemic are Brazil with 45,241 deaths out of 923,189 injuries, followed by Britain with 42,153 deaths out of 299,251 injuries, then Italy with 34,448 deaths (237,828 injuries), and France with 29,575 deaths (194,675 injuries).
To date, China (excluding Macao and Hong Kong) has reported 4,634 deaths out of 83,265 injuries (44 new cases between Tuesday and Wednesday), while 78,379 people have recovered.
Europe counted Wednesday until 19:00 GMT, 189,574 deaths out of 2,453,170 injuries, while the number of deaths announced in the United States and Canada reached 125,597 (2,248,134 injuries), Latin America and the Caribbean 84,006 deaths (1,787,118 injuries), and Asia 26,365 deaths (912,374 injuries) And the Middle East 12,467 deaths (594,120 injuries) and Africa 7,073 deaths (265,486 injuries) and Oceania 131 deaths (8,768 injuries).
This toll was prepared on the basis of data collected by the offices of Agence France-Presse from the competent national authorities and information provided by the World Health Organizatio