Local Arabic news paper reported that Informed sources at the Ministry of Health confirmed to that the Ministry is considering adopting the drug “dexamethasone” to be within the therapeutic protocol for patients “Covid-19”, after the recommendations of the World Health Organization in this regard.

The sources said that the aforementioned drug has been available in Kuwait for years, and is used to treat various diseases, such as asthma and respiratory system, cancer and rheumatism, pointing out that the recent study showed that its use with corona patients can contribute to a speedy recovery, and thus reduces death rates.

The sources said that the medicine is from the family of “cortisone”, stressing that the ministry will not fail to adopt any drugs that will have a positive return on patients, provided that they are approved by the World Health Organization. The world is turning to Dexamethasone, as it has proven effective as an effective and life-saving treatment for people infected with the Covid-19 epidemic, caused by the emerging coronavirus. Scientists affiliated with the World Health Organization described the drug as a “major scientific breakthrough,” given the plight of the world for months, and its inability to reduce the epidemic.

The Corona epidemic has killed at least 443,000 people, out of more than eight million who have been infected with respiratory virus worldwide

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5780909