The Local Arabic news paper Alrai reported that Director of Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation at Kuwait International Airport, Mansour Al Hashimi, revealed that about 92,000 arrivals, between residents and violators, had left Kuwait during the three months (April, May and June) from Kuwait International Airport, through 600 flights, indicating that «there Requests received by the administration from several countries and embassies that wish to operate flights to return their nationals to their countries, and as soon as we receive the request we grant approval within 24 hours to operate the flight for airlines, whether domestic or international », and indicated that there is a variation in the number of flights between one day and another, according to reservations And requests from travelers.

Hashemi said, in an interview that “since the beginning of the Corona pandemic problem in January, there has been harmony between the Department of Civil Aviation and the World Health Organization, where the circulars arriving and related to the Arab and Middle East regions regarding aviation and airports are viewed, where The procedures of the World Health Organization have been activated to restrict, contain and restrict the disease in areas where it is spreading, and that Kuwait International Airport was fully prepared, and took the highest levels of health precautions and conditions to prevent the spread of the disease, and to ensure that flights and passengers are dealt with high accuracy, by providing thermal inspection devices , And medical crews at the gates of arrival, and prevent the passengers of the affected countries from entering the country, which contributed to surrounding the spread of the virus, and preventing it from infiltrating the country through the airport, especially since the airport is the main gateway to Kuwait with the world ».

He pointed to the stoppage of air traffic in the country, noting that “since the beginning of the crisis, the airport has not been completely closed, but commercial traffic has been suspended only, with commercial cargo flights carrying food supplies and medical supplies continuing, and then the start of evacuation trips for citizens from abroad, and currently We are working on departing flights for residents of the country, which confirms that Kuwait International Airport has not closed its doors during the pandemic crisis, “Corona”, and operates 24 hours a day.

Regarding the return of air traffic at Kuwait International Airport and commercial operation, whether departure or arrival, Al-Hashemi said, “We are waiting for the zero hour to start operating flights, according to the schedule and plans that have been put in place by the Supreme Committee, which includes several government agencies, but so far we Waiting for official instructions by the cabinet and health authorities, and no date has been set for the operation of the airport, but we have 3 stages that have been defined according to the committee formed by the cabinet, which includes several relevant authorities, and have developed a complete picture of each stage, but we are awaiting approval for work With it according to a timetable.

Regarding the health procedures followed at Kuwait International Airport, he said, “We have issued a number of decisions that are in line with health instructions, most prominent since the beginning of the entry of the traveler, from the airport door to his ascension, the plane’s ladder, by examining the passenger’s thermometry and the obligation to wear a gag, hand gloves, social spacing and placing Barriers, and various special seats have been provided, including seats that separate the house of each passenger and another barrier, or putting a sticker on the seat next to it and preventing depositors and recipients and sterilizing the airport buildings, in addition to obliging airlines to ensure that the health conditions are followed, by sterilizing the aircraft and obliging the flight crews to wear Custom clothing, to protect them and protect passengers from being infected by the Corona virus. ”

Al-Hashemi pointed out that citizens are allowed to travel, indicating that “there are instructions prohibiting the travel of Kuwaitis, except in cases and conditions determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, and those allowed to travel at the present time are only students and patients whose applications are studied, and they are granted approval, and some special cases that get Approval from the concerned authorities, and whoever travels is signed a pledge to the departure counter that he will be responsible for himself. Concerning allowing the return of residents who have valid residency while they are outside the country, he pointed out that “until now, no instructions have been issued to allow the reception of expatriate trips and return to the country, and those allowed to enter the country are citizens and their first-degree relatives and domestic workers, provided that the sponsor is accompanied by them.”

He continued, «There is an ongoing meeting with all working bodies, whether governmental or private at Kuwait International Airport, to discuss procedures and care for all instructions and circulars issued by the competent authorities, to facilitate the procedures of travelers, and we have, during the period of the“ Corona ”crisis, to perform full maintenance for all Equipment that works in all terminals T4, T1 and T5. A working cell has been set up by the Operations Management staff at Kuwait International Airport, to receive passengers and from the beginning of the airport gate to the departure gate, to harness and facilitate all procedures for leaving the travelers, and to provide all logistical support, whether for the elderly or people with disabilities, and the priority for those groups who provide chairs Moving them, transporting their luggage and providing all amenities. ”

Al-Hashemi concluded that the free market at the airport operates at full capacity, according to the terms of the Cabinet, whether banks, restaurants, banking and cafes, while adhering to the terms and decisions of the Ministry of Health during providing services to passenger