AL Jazeera Airways began its preparations to operate flights (Kuwait – Manchester – Kuwait) from 5 to 7 July, in response to the desire of Kuwaiti students who want to return there to complete their university studies, and the return of citizens who are there and who wish to return to Kuwait.

According to Al-Jazeera, it began preparing a list of passengers who wish to travel in preparation for the conduct of the first flight, indicating at the same time that the same flight is available for seats for residents wishing to leave to Manchester, according to the procedures in place with the civil aviation authorities in Kuwait and the destination country, and health requirements Precaution.
The company stated that it had received many travel requests by Kuwaiti students wishing to travel to Manchester, after information on the return of flights to Britain, indicating that commercial flights from Kuwait International Airport are still pending in accordance with the precautionary health measures.
She pointed out that she is currently taking the necessary measures to meet the demands of her clients who are citizens who wish to travel to study, by limiting the number of students who have expressed their desire to travel and coordinating with local and British authorities to operate the trips.
The departure flight is available for those wishing to go to Manchester from other non-Kuwaiti nationalities, provided that they are allowed to enter Britain.
Al-Jazeera affirmed that Kuwaiti citizens in Manchester who wish to return to Kuwait can return on board their flights there, and that their return is also subject to the precautionary health measures followed by the authorities at Kuwait International Airport.
The company announced plans to operate special flights to London starting from 50 dinars, which will be announced soon.