The Ministry of Interior announced the creation of an electronic platform by the General Information Systems General Authority, in coordination with the port security sector, to book advance appointments for travel submission in accordance with the controls and conditions approved by the Council of Ministers and health authorities on the official website of the Ministry of Interior

The General Administration of Relations and Security Media stated that, in implementation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers, the service for travel has been added, provided that only the following cases are allowed:
1- Critical health cases of those whose condition allows to travel at their own expense.
2- Students studying abroad if it is necessary to travel for fear of missing their test dates or admission to universities and institutes and their facilities if necessary
3- The citizen or the citizen in the following cases:
– He has a foreign husband or wife abroad
4- A citizen working with a job and residing abroad
5- Other special cases estimated by the Ministry of Interior, provided that the travel period is not less than 30 days.

She explained that those who wish to travel must book a prior appointment to review the General Administration of Airport Security and submit all supporting documents and entry visas to the country to travel to at least ten days before the date of travel and to sign a declaration and pledge that includes bearing treatment costs in the event of infection with the virus and the costs of return and not to claim later on with any Financial or other obligations that may arise from travel.

The administration noted that the auditor should choose the type of transaction, after that the location must be determined, choose the day and time available, then confirm the reservation and keep it “barcode” to show it at the time of the review.

The administration also stresses the necessity for all auditors to adhere to the health requirements when reviewing the deadline.

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