The official spokesman of the General Administration of Civil Aviation Eng. Saad Al-Otaibi The continuation of the plan to evacuate the arrivals wishing to leave the country, which comes in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign embassies in the country.

Al-Otaibi told that Kuwait International Airport had registered, until yesterday, the departure of 100,862 arrivals via 637 flights, indicating that these numbers left the country in a period of approximately 3 months since the Council of Ministers suspended commercial airports in the middle of last March, to protect all Travelers, according to the health regulations to deal with the Corona virus.

He pointed out that Kuwait Airport had a schedule of 14 flights yesterday, which included organizing departures for 2320 arrivals as part of the evacuation plan for expatriates wishing to leave the country, adding that 8 flights went to Egypt, 4 to India, and one to Qatar and Nepal.