India set a record for new infections with the emerging corona virus today, and the number of deaths has increased to 400 during the past 24 hours, while foreign embassies have warned their citizens in the country that hospitals may not have a hospital for them.

The data of the Federal Ministry of Health stated that the new cases amounted to 15 thousand to jump to the total number of more than 425 thousand, to come to India after the United States, Brazil and Russia in the number of injuries.

Almost 14,000 people have died so far of Covid-19 disease, caused by the emerging corona virus, since the first case appeared in India in January.

The number of deaths in India is still small compared to countries with similar numbers of injuries, but public health experts fear that hospitals will be unable to cope with the increase in injuries.

The German embassy sent messages to its citizens who live in New Delhi warning them that “there is little or no opportunity” to enter the hospital for treatment of the virus, as well as to obtain other intensive care services.

Ireland had advised its citizens to leave India due to the lack of hospital places.