The Missouri Court of Appeal confirmed a court ruling that the talcum powder produced by the American Johnson & Johnson group was responsible for the cancer cases and sentenced the American giant to pay $ 2.1 billion in damages.

However, the court reduced by more than half the value of the damages it set by $ 4.4 billion a jury in 2018 in favor of 22 complainants and their families.

The court held that some of the complainants should not have participated in this trial because they were from outside Missouri.

However, the ruling kept a malfunction and damage that the group producing medicines and personal hygiene powders should pay “because it intentionally sold to consumers products containing asbestos.”

The court stressed, “Since the defense is a large company that weighs billions of dollars, we consider that it is necessary to impose a malfunction and great harm on it in order to have an impact in this case.”

it is impossible to determine the financial value of the physical, psychological and emotional pressure that the complainants endured due to the damage caused by the defense,” she added.

The complainants confirmed that the use of talcum Johnson & Johnson in their personal hygiene led to ovarian cancer.

A spokesman for the group said it would appeal the ruling to the Missouri High Court over what was reported by the “Wall Street Journal”.

In recent years, the group has been exposed to thousands of complaints that accuse the talcum powder it produces of containing asbestos and causing cancer. It has been indicted in many cases in this regard.

The group has always emphasized that this talcum powder, intended for children, does not contain asbestos and does not cause cancer.

The group announced in May that it had stopped selling this product in the United States and Canada, where sales have declined due to changing habits and fear of it, and intends to continue selling it to the rest of the worl