The Cabinet decided today, Thursday, to start the second stage of the plan for the gradual return to normal life, and to amend the partial ban dates to become from 8 pm until 5 am starting next Tuesday, 30 June 2020. The second phase will include the opening of all commercial complexes, including the Avenues and Sharq Market, as well as parks, parks, retail stores, restaurants and cafes that receive orders without sitting.

The first stage, from the stages of gradual return to normal life in the country, started on May 31, and witnessed the reopening of mosques in some areas and the establishment of prayers inside them after processing them according to health requirements, as well as opening part of economic activities, and the return of work within banks by 25%, and opening Gas stations and general service delivery stores maintain services, freight services and a laundry laundry, as well as allow delivery services for homes, restaurants and cafes – purchase from the car – and companies that provide communications, internet and retail food such as associations, groceries and catering.

The second phase As for the second stage, in addition to the aforementioned activities, there will be the opening of parks, parks, and government departments of all kinds, and the return of employment there, but at a rate of less than 30 percent, as well as construction and building activities, commercial complexes, retail stores, restaurants and cafes receive applications without sitting

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