The Louvre Museum in France is preparing to open its doors again, after about 4 months of closure due to “Covid-19”, but visitors will miss an important thing, which is the overcrowding in front of the Mona Lisa.

With tourists expected not to arrive in large numbers months ago, and the strict rules of social separation, the visit of the Louvre when it opens on the sixth of next July will be a quiet experience than usual.

Workers are working this week to finalize the equipment in the former palace overlooking the Seine, which the organizers say, is the most visited museums in the world.

Hand disinfection materials and a reservation system will be set aside specific times for visitors, with the traffic in one direction diverted, as well as the marking of the ground, to remind visitors to keep a distance of one meter apart, in addition to placing masks.

The museum’s organizers expect that the initial numbers of visitors will be one-fifth of those before the “Corona” outbreak.

Museum director Jean-Luc Martinez said that its large area, which includes a display area of ​​45,000 square meters and includes 30,000 art pieces, means that it will not be difficult to respect the rules of social separation.

“There will be no way for two to confront each other,” he added.

Before the outbreak, the Louvre received about a million visitors a month in the summer season, and three quarters of that number were foreigners.

Martinez added that the closure due to “Covid-19” has cost the museum a loss of 40 million euros ($ 45 million) in ticket revenue, canceled events and souvenir shop sales.

The Louvre is one of the historical landmarks of France, and one of the makers of money and national income for it, especially since it includes many immortal paintings and artworks for a significant number of world painters for many centuries, and it has a good reputation for the presence of sculptures, mummels and other cultural and popular world heritage.