The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced today, Saturday, that starting next Tuesday, June 30th, it will return to work in the General Administration of Service Centers and other centers announced from 9 am to 1 pm.

The Ministry of the Interior said in a statement to the General Administration of Relations and Security Media that the return to work comes in compliance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the safe return to normal life within the gradual stages and in continuation of the Ministry’s unremitting efforts to limit the spread of the epidemic and maintain the safety of citizens and residents.

They stressed the necessity for citizens reviewing citizen service centers to adhere to preventive health instructions, to apply social divergence and to wear camouflage, noting that the review of these centers will be based on a prior appointment that is booked “online”, and that appointment reservations begin starting tomorrow, Sunday, through the appointment platform on the ministry’s website (

They stated that the relationship owner must attend in person and have his civil ID, stating that there are no printing services for the required documents and that all services and forms will be done electronically at the receptionist.

They stated that the reception of the auditors will be limited to the owners of the residence affairs affairs of domestic workers according to Article 20, traffic transactions and the enforcement of rulings.

They clarified that the services of residency of domestic workers include residency status for the first time for the entry characteristics that entered the country, the requirements for residency status have been completed for them, transfer of residency from one sponsor to another, and notices of absence.

They added that traffic transactions include the issuance of market licenses for the first time for the two passes of the driving test, a driving form for citizens, a form of driving for domestic workers, Article 20 for the driver, renewal of market licenses, the vehicle book, transfer of vehicle ownership, and payment of traffic violations.