at a time when security forces are making great efforts to secure the isolated areas and implement the instructions of the Council of Ministers, some residents have devised a trick to escape with fake tickets “on paper only”, and they managed to get out after highlighting them at the checkpoints.

In the details that were reported by an official that the residents of the isolated areas took advantage of the flexibility of the security men with humanitarian cases, including travelers. They were sold to them from travel agencies within their regions for 10 dinars per ticket.

The sources added that the security men, after receiving this information, followed up the offices and asked them for a list of those obtaining tickets and the total reservations that were made in preparation for arresting the fugitives and taking legal measures against them while investigating the employees of these offices and employees, and after it was revealed that the fraud and the absence of actual travel in the timing Legal actions were taken against them. She pointed out that the Ministry of Interior deals daily with dozens of attempts to escape from the regions, and the ministry’s leaders asked the security elements to implement a strict mechanism to check who is leaving, and then the permits of non-exposure are examined more accurately and strictly